Response to New Yorker’s Infamous “Obama Cover”: A New Dream

The July 21 cover of the New Yorker has taken much heat–1,948 articles and counting through Google News, the majority negative. Self-righteous titles include Drawing the Line on Satire (from CANADA, no less, and no joke!) and this little gem of warped communal logic: Who got it? Few. Who liked it? Fewer still.

Tyranny of the majority notwithstanding–since when was the majority a sign of good taste? In anything? And in satire–devouring babies anyone?

Anyway, here’s the cover:


The following is lil’ old me’s letter of support to the New Yorker:

I find it the height of ironic, hypocritical lunacy that America still perks its ears at the mention of the First Amendment, and, frothing at the mouth, fancies itself as the international rottweiler protecting freedoms of thought and speech. That notion is, quite simply, rabid. “Freedom” and “Values” are buzzwords since replaced with the ethos of 21st century America: Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is a cultural opiate so efficacious in its intellectual deprivation it stifles not only the fruit of thought–intelligent and reasoned debate–but the very seed if it–wit and humor.

Iron Curtains and Great Walls of heavy-handed government censorship will in time be broken by the hammer of reform and chisel of sedition; far more dangerous is the choking mist with which we enshroud ourselves, supported, in final ironic hallucination, by a savior mouthing “Change” and “Hope”.

A visionary American once had a dream, more or less, that our national consciousness would shed its racial prejudice. We seem to have achieved it through circuitous means–rather than confronting our fears, we have learned not to voice them. I modestly suggest another dream, one I hope Americans will recognize as their own. A new dream of a nation, when confronted with its own fears in satire, able to laugh–and a candidate who, through intelligence aided by humor, conquers these fears and brings true Hope of Change.

What makes it more pathetic/funny/American is the fact that most of the “outraged” are ACLU backing, Olympics boycotting, Free press (except in America) Liberals.

They can all, quite figuratively of course, fellate me.


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