December Tenth

Above the rest;

too fair to err,

to wilt,

or to whet–

behind the ears.


A simple request.

Lay down your arms,

your charms.

Pray, lay down.

Between dark tresses,



The captured and the captivated. 

Manipulated, we capitulated.


For alarm or applause,

let us pause.

Loosed not lucid,

come undone.


2 responses to “December Tenth

  1. you know muyan, i remember once you told me something along the lines of how you appreciated meeting a friend like me. i think that feeling of appreciation is more than reciprocated.

    bc you are a gem. your thoughts, whether voiced or transcribed, give you the external brilliance i think many around you are dazzled by. but i think it’s the genuine care and earnest pursuit you have [of…i can’t pinpoint yet, life maybe.] that makes you really a rare find.

    all in all, i’m glad we’re friends :) in the way that two people who have never seen each others’ faces can be.

    oh and please keep writing, bc i’m adding this to my bookmark bar.

  2. love an engineer (of the human soul :D)

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