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Fish 魚

Happy New Year :)

陳綺貞 – 魚

Cheer Chen – Fish


我坐在椅子上  看日出复活 

我坐在夕阳里  看   城市的衰弱 

我摘下一片叶子  让它代替我 



I sit in my chair,

Watching as sunrise brings the world back to life.

I sit within the fading sunset,

Watching as the city falls into ruin.

Plucking a leaf, 

I let it take my place.

I leave—what’s changed?


曾经  狂奔  舞蹈  贪婪的说话 

随著冷的湿的心 腐化


Back then, 

Dancing wildly, 

Speaking of having it all.

Now along with my cold wet heart, 

I’m wasting away.


带不走的 丢不掉的  让大雨侵蚀吧 

让他推向我在边界   奋不顾身挣扎 

如果有一个怀抱      勇敢不计代价 

别让我飞  将我温柔豢养


What you can’t take with you,

What you can’t throw away,

Just let the heavy rain wash away.

I let him push me to the brink—even with my life on the line, I fought for us.

If there’s one embrace brave enough to be without a price,

Don’t let me fly—please handle with care.



让他捧著我在手掌 自由自在挥撒


原谅我飞 曾经眷恋太阳


What I couldn’t take with me, 

What I couldn’t leave behind,

I entrusted it all to him.

I let him hold me in the palm of his hand, rolling back and forth as he wished.

If there’s a world polluted beyond reason, 

Forgive me for flying, for once longing for the sun.





If there’s a world polluted beyond reason,

I will fall madly in love.